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The company undertakes domestic and foreign OEM and ODM business!

Huizhou Kenen Cosmetics Industry Co., Ltd., Kenn series products are characterized by elegant taste, dreamy color, artistic style, rich cultural connotation and environmental protection. The products are exported to the United States, Canada, France, More than 20 countries in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, have become well-known brands that lead the international fashion trend and promote environmental protection. In order to make China's washing products reach international environmental standards as soon as possible, we have fully absorbed the essence of the washing products in the European and American markets, and developed a series of skin cleansing and skin care products that are more suitable for the Orientals. Shorten the product development cycle and seize business opportunities for you!

OEM service items and processes:

1. Confirm production and sign the processing contract.

2. The label of the outer packaging label of the product to be produced must be correct (in accordance with the requirements of the national labeling standards for the outer packaging of the product). If there are any documents such as supervision and technical provision on the outer packaging, the corresponding legal certification documents should be provided to our company.

Third, the customer's sample production products, we sample according to the required quality, aroma, color, after the sample and price confirmation, seal the sample production.

4. The customer's self-storage package should be shipped to the factory three days before the ingredients to arrange production. If the package needs to be stored in the factory, it should also be notified three days before the package is delivered to arrange the warehouse storage.

5. After the customer approves the above contents, the processing contract shall be signed to protect the interests of both parties. The processing contract must have the following attachments:

1. A copy of the registered trademark of the customer's processing brand;

2. A copy of the business license of the customer engaged in commercial activities;

3. The client entrusts our company to process the product authorization letter;

4. The outer packaging of the customer's processing brand and the layout of the bottle body design;

5. A list of the name, price and production cost of the product processed by the customer;

6. Standard samples of processed product contents approved by both parties.


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