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Make-up mainly refers to cosmetic products for face, eyes and lips, including foundation, honey powder, lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, mascara and other types of products. Its main function is to use color change to give skin color, to improve skin color or to enhance the shade of eyes and nose, so as to increase the sense of three-dimensional and make it more attractive. At the same time, it can also be used to cover skin defects such as freckles, scars, nevus and so on.
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Skin cream is a kind of emulsifying products with skin care function. It can be divided into frost (soft texture) and cream (hard texture) according to its appearance. It can be divided into snow cream, neutral cream (moisturizing cream) and fragrance according to its oil content. It can be divided into water-in-oil (O/W) and compound emulsifying (W/O/W or O/W/O) according to its emulsifier type.
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Shower gel, also known as shower gel, refers to a liquid cleaning agent used in bathing. It is a common cleaning product for modern people.
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All aromatherapy that conveys medicinal properties such as essential oils through the skin system and respiratory system can be called aromatherapy.
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Bath salt

Bath salts In many countries, people have become accustomed to cleansing, beauty, sauna, shower, massage, bathing. Most of the bath salts are natural ingredients, rich in a variety of trace elements, and rich in functions, which can meet most of the requirements of people for bath products. Bath salts are composed of herbs, natural sea salt, minerals and plant essential oils.

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